Backlink Building Plan

Backlink building is the most labor-intensive and time-consuming component of SEO. Quality Content, Perfect Keywords, Immaculate LoadTimes, & Organized Site Structure all serve to boost your rankings in the SERPs. But there’s one catch: They only get you so far.

Backlinks Separate Great Websites from the Good

Ever find a website with very minimal pages & content yet it’s ranking #1 in the SERPs? If not, checkout Backlinks are how that’s possible. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a plan to generate quality backlinks and how to turn them into traffic.

1. Build Skyscraper Content

Slow down there, cowboy!

The first step in developing your backlink profile for most organizations should be building Skyscraper Content. Skyscraper Content is content that is designed to organically and manually (more about that later) draw in backlinks. The word Skyscraper is used to describe the size and extent of the content. We’re talking a few 3,000-5,000+ word articles written well.

The first step involves opening Google in another window. You should lookup a term you want to eventually rank for. Locate two-four of the top ranking articles and save the links.

Now your goal is to take these topics and articles and create a valuable, informative, and all-inclusive piece of content. Combine all of the information, in addition to some other information of your own, and create an article that is genuinely extremely useful to somebody looking into that topic.

Once you have this content ready, it’s time to move onto the next step.

2. Hands-on Promotion

Now that the Skyscraper(s) are ready for readers and backlinks, it’s time to promote.

There are hundreds of ways to promote content online, we’ll touch on some of the ones you want to do ASAP for your Skyscraper(s) here.

  • Mention Parallel Websites The first step to take is incorporating some content from parallel industries or people. In your article, mention a few pieces of content and websites that are relevant and would be genuinely useful to the reader. Once you publish the content, reach out to these organizations and people and let them know they’ve been mentioned in an article you’ve been working on. So long as you aren’t spammy and your content is high-quality, you should get some of these organizations to mention you on social media and/or their own website.
  • Content Exchange Another strategy we often use to generate backlinks for our Skyscraper content is content exchanges. For this, you’ll reach out to organizations in a similar industry and offer to incorporate some of their content into your Skyscraper with backlinks. In exchange, you ask if you can provide some content and backlinks for content on their site.

There is no amount of hands-on promotion that is too much. So long as you have content, you have outreach and relationship management you can leverage into backlinks.

However, organizations looking to take a hybrid approach to content promotion can see drastically improved backlink building timelines.

There are 2 main strategies you can use for paid promotion

  • Direct While direct paid promotion can be harder to scale than indirect, it is the more lucrative of the two. Direct paid promotion is exactly what it sounds like. Reaching out directly to organizations & social media accounts and offering them money to share your Skyscraper. It’s important to note that buying backlinks is NOT your goal here. The goal is to get exposure to your Skyscraper which in turn turns into organic backlinks. For example: By reaching out to a Twitter account with 20k followers, you might be getting only one (sometimes nofollow) backlink immediately. The important part is that your Skyscraper now has much more exposure and greater likelihood and receiving it’s own backlinks.
  • Indirect Indirect paid promotion is easier to scale than direct, but often has much lower returns. Indirect paid promotion involves finding low-competition keywords/queries and promoting your content through these channels. It’s important that the queries are low-competition and low-intent. A query like “Accountants near me” is going to be very expensive and impossible to turn profit if your goal is backlinks. However, queries about filing taxes as a recently divorced business owner is much more specific and less likely to have expensive clicks. If your article is related to this query, you can pay-per-click for visitors who find the information useful. Eventually, some of these users are bound to be content creators themselves and they will backlink your article in their own content.

4. Content Schedule

Now that we have Skyscraper articles being promoted and driving some traffic of their own, it’s time to expand content so we maximize the amount of backlinks we get from each visitor.

In an ideal world, each new piece of content would be it’s own Skyscraper. However, if we did this, we’d be spending hours of labor on content for queries with only 10 monthly searches.

Find a ‘Goldilocks’ of content quality/length and the search volume. If you find keywords that have 10,000+ searches per month, maybe it’s best to create a Skyscraper. However for smaller volumes you want to create smaller articles. Make sure the content provides valuable information/insight and are of top-quality.

The size of your organization will determine the frequency of your new content. So long as you follow the basic rules for creating content that ranks (High-Quality, Keyword Optimized, Length, Media), every new piece of content will provide value to your website. We recommend most organizations driving over $250,000 in revenue per year consider a content schedule of 4,000+ words per week. This can be one large high-quality article, or it can be 3-4 high-quality articles geared towards specific keywords with intent in your industry.

For organizations smaller than this, one 1,000-word article per-week will do wonders, but try to push out as much as you can.

The overflow traffic from our previous Skyscraper content and promotion will leak into this content and earn you more backlinks across your site.

A Backlink Plan Just for You

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