Getting started with Google My Business posts can be confusing at first. Rest assured, after some practice your organization will be able to pump out one-a-week like clockwork. If you start making one quality post a week, your stats should start to look like that last month in the image below.

The type(s) of posts your organization will generate should vary quite significantly depending on the type of organization you run.

Google My Business Post Examples

Brick and Mortar

For brick-and-mortar businesses,(restaurants, delis, tobacco shops, etc) you will want your posts to usually involve events or promotions.

The goal here is to create an incentive for users to come and visit you. We will be creating an urgency that we encourage users to act upon.

This urgency could come from a limited-time-offer, a multi-day event, etc


With service-based businesses, (consultants, landscapers, lawyers, arborists, etc) you will want your posts to involve seasonal events/offers and emergency updates.

The goal here is to instill a small level of fear into the user. Big storm coming? You need your roof inspected. Receive a speeding ticket? Talk to us before your insurance rates skyrocket.

Create a problem, then offer to solve it.

Brick and Mortar GMB Post Examples

As we mentioned above, the goal with your posts in Google My Business should be to create urgency for the user.

Imagine if someone told you that vacuums are 60% off.

You think, wow I have been needing a new vacuum and that is a huge discount!

Now imagine, someone tells you vacuums are 60% off until tonight.

You think, I am either getting this vacuum tonight or I accept my crappy vacuum for another indefinite amount of time.

We’ve created urgency. We’ve demanded the user to make a choice. Let’s take a look at some other ways we can do this.

Google My Business Limited Time Exclusive Post Example

Limited-Time Exclusive

A post like this provides incentive for a customer to come in and get something that they normally wouldn’t be able to.

In this example, it is Margherita pizza. At a bar it could be a special drink. You get the idea.

The point here is to do something new to lure in people who aren’t incentivized by just money. We want to target the people who aren’t worried about money, but would be afraid to miss something exclusive.

Limited-Time Offer (LTO)

Limited-Time Offers differ from LTEs by making the incentive have to do with money.

In this example, the organization offered a way to save money for an upcoming holiday. Many users who are interested in saving money will be intrigued and forced to make a decision by the end of the offer.

For someone who already was planning on hosting a Labor Day party, heading to this store is now a no-brainer.

Google My Business Event Post Example

Special Event

A special event is a unique way to draw in customers. Similar to LTEs, we are going to use a one-time experience as a way to create urgency.

Organizing a ‘Summer Splash Event’ is a good way for this organization to bring in a larger number of customers for a week. By providing information about who (kids & adults) can have fun and why, customers will be more inclined to remember your organization when they do decide to go out.

Service-Based GMB Post Examples

As we mentioned above, the goal with your posts in Google My Business should be to create a problem for the user, then offer a solution.

Imagine if someone told you they are superior roofers and none of their clients ever has had a leak.

You think, wow my roof is a mess right now. These are definitely the people I want to go to.

Now imagine, someone tells you there is a hurricane expected to bring record-breaking winds and rain to your area. Then they tell you they are superior roofers and none of their clients ever has had a leak.

You think, I need to get my roof fixed before this big storm. I should hire these professionals before it’s too late.

We’ve created fear. The fear led to urgency We’ve demanded the user to make a choice. Let’s take a look at some other ways we can do this.

Emergency Event

Any time you notice there is an emergency event happening, you should be thinking of how customers can use your business in relation to the event.

If you have a post about the event, Google will even show your business to people looking for something else entirely, for the duration of the real emergency event. This sounds silly, but remember it’s free. All exposure helps.

Take this example about 30 MPH wind; lawyers can help with damage claims. Environmental consultants could help restoration. Landscapers can prune plants to prevent flying debris during the storm. Get creative.

Limited-Time Offer

Limited-Time Offers usually incentivize the user with a money-related deal. However, that’s not quite what makes this post successful.

In this example, the organization is offering an easy solution to a problem many people face. Most people already have someone who does their taxes. By offering convenience, we incentive them to try out our organization instead.

For someone who was already planning on doing their taxes with a firm, reaching out to this firm now is a no-brainer.

And for the firm, you just received a 15 minute sales opportunity. Get selling!

Creating posts every week can be tough

While it’s easy to pump out the same offers and events every month, Google does catch-on. Eventually the impressions you gain from posts are insignificant and you lose a valuable asset for your GMB.

If your organization doesn’t have the time to put genuine thought and creativity into each weekly post, you don’t have to do it yourselves. Our local search professionals have years of experience using content (like this), Google, and Social Media to drive revenue. Reach out today, drop us a line, and let’s see if our organizations are compatible.