Let’s put aside Google My Business metrics for a second in order to understand one thing.

Your photos provide users with a first impression

If you had to create a print advertisement for the newspaper you would take your time selecting the graphics. The same will apply for your Google My Business listing since it is the first thing most people will look at after reading the title.

Cover Photo Selection

Your cover photo will be the first photo that users see. This means you can play your cards right and accomplish a few things with your cover photo. For one, you can force information onto the customer since we know they will dart their eyes to the cover immediately.

Make it informative

We’re not saying throw some text over a pretty picture. We mean let the image share information with the user. A few examples include service-type businesses using a photo of a team on-the-job. For a tree removal service, this would include friendly-looking workers in clean attire and hi-vis vests safely performing their job.

Another example would be a restaurant ‘plating’ a dish. Show the chef in clean attire with clean gloves and get a good look at what kind of meal it is.

Keep it High Quality

Low-resolution or grainy pictures give off a very bad first impression. While the establishment might be wonderful, a customer will simply go to a place where they know for sure the service looks great.

The same goes for dark photos or images in unnatural lighting. For best results, consulting with a photographer can provide substantial returns over time. This is especially true in densely populated areas.

Which Type of Photos to Upload

Now that we have the cover photo under-wraps, let’s talk about the rest of the owner uploads. You can read more about how often you should post to your Google My Business here.

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The logo is pretty self explanatory. Make sure it is crisp, sized correctly, and is accurate to your brand.

Interior/Exterior Photos

This goes for brick-and-mortar businesses. Gather high-quality photos of the interior and exterior of your business. Take the photos about an hour before sunset. Make sure the photos you take represent your business accurately.

You want the photos to attract customers but you also want to make sure the photos are true to your organization.

Team Photos

Try to get a few photos of the team(s). Many organizations opt to take one large team photo with many people at the organization then supplement that picture with a couple of photos of smaller teams.

It is important that the associates look professional, clean, and happy.

Photos of the Team at Work

Finally, it’s time to get some photos of the team in-action. Same rules apply as before – high quality, professional, and friendly.

Make sure that the work being performed in the photos is safe and effective. It doesn’t give a good first impression if your carpenters are caught hammering screws.

Google My Business Example Team Photo

User-Uploaded Google My Business Photos

Aside from requesting to remove content that violates Google Maps policy, business owners are in a pretty tough corner if users upload photos that hurt the businesses reputation.You can read more about getting reviews removed here.

These photos often garner many likes and perpetuate a cycle of bad impressions and reviews until the Google My Business is ruined. However, this is usually due to valid reasons.

Maintaining a safe and clean work environment is the only way to make sure this does not happen. Being consciously aware of your surroundings as well as providing a clean and friendly atmosphere will bring in user-uploaded photos that perpetuate a cycle of fantastic business growth.

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