Over 1,000 organizations. That is how many Google My Business accounts we’ve helped optimize to drive more revenue. Aside from the obvious knowledge and experience you gain working with so many types of people, there is an additional benefit to having worked with so many clients.


How do changes in GMB post frequency affect impressions?

This is a question we asked ourselves in 2019. We decided to talk to a few business-owners and ask them if they’d be okay if we skipped our weekly Google My Business post for research purposes. We got 11 different small businesses on board.

We used total impressions, as quoted by GMB, to measure ‘performance’.


Out of 31 clients with no change (continued weekly GMB post), 2 of them moved >20% outside of a 30-day average.

7% of our ‘control’ group demonstrated out of the ordinary performance.

0% of these 2 listings with significant change saw decline in performance.


Out of 11 clients who skipped their regular weekly GMB posts, 9 of them moved >20% outside of their 30-day average.

82% of GMB listings who skipped their weekly post demonstrated out of the ordinary performance.

100% of these 9 listings with significant change saw decline in performance.

How does frequency of posts affect impressions? When the posts on a Google My Business account are less frequent than weekly, we begin to see a sharp decline in total number of impressions.

So you say posting weekly helps, but why is it mandatory?

Technically, it’s not. However it is clear that making a post less frequently than every week will cause your business to lose money. You are essentially paying for not posting. If you are looking for more information on which types of posts to make and how to make them, check out our other articles like this one about How to drive revenue with Google My Business photos.

You don’t have to do it yourself

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